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What is LinGoose?

LinGoose is a Go framework for building awesome AI/LLM applications.

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Quick start

  1. Initialise a new go module
mkdir example
cd example
go mod init example
  1. Create your first LinGoose application
package main

import (


func main() {
	myThread := thread.New().AddMessage(
			thread.NewTextContent("Tell me a joke about geese"),

	err := openai.New().Generate(context.Background(), myThread)
	if err != nil {

  1. Install the Go dependencies
go mod tidy
  1. Start the example application
export OPENAI_API_KEY=your-api-key

go run .

A goose fills its car with goose-line!

Reporting Issues

If you think you’ve found a bug, or something isn’t behaving the way you think it should, please raise an issue on GitHub.


We welcome contributions, Read our Contribution Guidelines to learn more about contributing to LinGoose

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