Your conversation history


The thread package manages communication or interaction in a threaded conversation model. This could be used in a variety of applications, such as chat applications, or any system that requires structured, multi-role communication.

Create a Thread

To create a new thread, you need to create an instance of thread.Thread and then add messages to it. You can then run the thread to get the AI assistant’s response.

myThread := thread.New()

Add Messages to a Thread

You can add messages to a thread using the AddMessages method. Each message should have a role and a content.

        thread.NewTextContent("You are a powerful AI assistant."),
        thread.NewTextContent("what is the purpose of NATO?"),

A Message can have different types of roles such as System, Assistant or User. A Message can have different types of content, such as text, image, or when available tool calls.

Your Thread, your history

Your thread will keep track of all the messages and responses. You can access the thread’s history using the Messages field. To print the thread’s history, you can use the String method.